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We help businesses grow exponentially by managing back-office and customer service. We bring modern-day 24/7 customer support outsourcing solutions, which include live chat, virtual assistant, email support, phone support, and more.

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Email Support

We offer email support outsourcing services with dedicated agents for high-volume support centers, as well as shared services for low-volume businesses.

Phone Answering

We offer phone agents for both inbound and outbound support needs. Our agents assist with sales inquiries, support questions, payments, troubleshooting and follow-ups.

Chat Support

We offer 24/7 Live Chat Outsourcing Services, complemented by LiveChat Software. We assist in improving conversions and effectively handling support requests

Admin VA

Our virtual assistants are seasoned professionals with exceptional communication skills, keen attention to detail, and a proactive attitude to ensure tasks are completed efficiently.

DOSbnb – Vacation Rental Support

Our comprehensive Short-Term Rental (STR) Management service empowers property owners and managers to effortlessly expand their Airbnb Management business, hassle-free

How DOS Makes a Difference

We, at DOS, understand how important the customer-facing role is for any business. That’s why we carefully select our team during the interview process and then train them to industry standards with continuous review and coaching.

We make a positive impact on our clients’ businesses because we believe in investing in technology. This helps our team deliver productive outcomes. We utilize Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service, organize information in Knowledgebase Systems like GetGuru and Google Docs, and ensure Systematic Reports that share true insights into what customers are saying about their business.

We work with a diverse range of industries, specializing in:

  • Short-Term Rental Industry
  • E-commerce drop-shipping and white-label products
  • Healthcare
  • SAAS businesses
  • Hospitality

With over 14 years of experience in the customer service call center space, we’ve developed expertise that allows our clients to consult with our top management. This helps them define and improve their business processes and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction scores.

In addition, we believe in transparency in our operations, and our top management works closely with clients to ensure smooth onboarding and ongoing operations. Above all, our key to success lies in hard work accompanied by the use of smart processes and tools!


Instant Solutions

24/7 Support Services

Proficient Team

Easy Onboarding

Our Stats Speak for Our Success

We are a value-adding name that helps expand your business without any hassle. DOS has worked with more than 200 clients in the last decade, mainly targeting clients in the US and UK. We are currently working on more than 35 projects with the leading brands.

Presently, more than 200 agents are allocated with an additional 600 employees space to manage high volume of work and need to scale up. This is why DOS is one of the best BPO service provider in today’s time.

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BPO Company

All BPO Services in One Place

DOS is undoubtedly the most reliable BPO company offering modern-day outsourcing solutions, economical pricing plans, and a proficient workforce. We are what you need to excel in your market. Moreover, you receive all our services round the clock as we only believe in satisfying customers with our premium quality. You can share your business requirements with our specialists. They analyze it comprehensively and create a personalized plan that benefits your company at maximum potential.

We treat your business like ours and help increase sales and retention rates by being the face of your organization. Explore our Live Chat, Virtual Assistant, Email, and Phone Support services and get what you need to manage your office-back processes seamlessly. Moreover, you can use each service to make the most out of your business. Our highly-trained agents are proficient in various niches and cater to your industry exceptionally. DOS is a player in all industries and empowers SMEs to benefit not only the local but the international market with versatile customer support services.

To have profitable business growth, you must have an excellent digital presence in today’s era. You will find many BPO outsourcing companies, but DOS stands distinguishingly, offering remarkable 24/7 customer support services at minimum cost in the market. Our reputation lies in our all-inclusive features that help businesses of all sizes gain a competitive edge in today’s saturated market.

We are serving hundreds of customers around the globe, including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and UAE. You can customize your outsourcing services per your business needs without breaking your bank. This is the need of the global market to assist as per the customer’s taste. But, tailored customer experience is what sets you apart from other companies. So call us today to benefit from our excellent BPO Company at economical costs.

Brains Behind Our Success

Let's take a look at the people contributing to making our business outsourcing solutions prominent and cutting-edge. Everyone is included in making DOS a well-known name in this competitive market.

We bring the recognition your company requires. From call center businesses to other ventures, we personalize all the services and help you grow hassle-free. Turn your dreams into reality with DOS.


Industries We Serve

We are revolutionizing the following industries with our innovative BPO services:

What Our Clients Say

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