Outsource Phone Support Build Your Business with 24/7 Real-time Phone Answering Services

We offer phone agents for both inbound and outbound support needs. Our agents assist with sales inquiries, support questions, payments, troubleshooting and follow-ups.

What is Phone Answering Service and What is Included:

Phones remain one of the most favored communication channels, as humans naturally prefer interacting with fellow humans to establish personalized connections. Call Centers, whether in-house or outsourced, have long served customers worldwide.

Phone Answering Services offer businesses, regardless of size, a means to minimize setup and operational expenses. Developing andContact Now maintaining a call center infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive and resource-intensive. At Digitech Outsourcing Solution (DOS), we specialize in managing customer service calls round the clock, adhering to stringent SLAs and achieving high satisfaction ratings.

Our comprehensive service encompasses:

  • Answering incoming phone calls from both existing and potential customers
  • Resolving customer service inquiries and complaints effectively
  • Converting inbound sales leads into valued customers
  • Conducting outbound calls for follow-ups and nurturing warm leads
  • Facilitating communication with vendors and suppliers as necessary
  • Addressing any additional service requirements as per your needs

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    Why Phone Support Service is Important for Your Business

    Phone answering service is vital for businesses for several reasons:

    1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Providing prompt and professional responses to customer inquiries and concerns over the phone enhances the overall customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

    2. Accessibility and Availability: A phone answering service ensures that businesses are accessible to customers round the clock, regardless of time zones or working hours, thereby increasing accessibility and availability.

    3. Improved Sales and Conversions: Efficient handling of inbound sales inquiries and leads can lead to higher conversion rates, as trained representatives can effectively guide potential customers through the purchasing process.

    4. Cost-Efficiency: Outsourcing phone answering services can be more cost-effective than setting up and maintaining an in-house call center, as it eliminates the need for investment in infrastructure, staffing, and training.

    5. Focus on Core Activities: By delegating phone answering tasks to a specialized service provider, businesses can free up valuable time and resources to focus on core activities such as product development, marketing, and strategic planning.

    6. Professional Image: A well-managed phone answering service portrays professionalism and reliability, enhancing the brand image and instilling confidence in customers.

    Overall, phone answering service plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication with customers, driving sales, and maintaining a positive brand reputation.


    How Onboarding WorksProject Onboarding Steps


    Our onboarding process is designed to be straightforward yet thorough, ensuring success for both parties involved. Here’s how it works:

    1. Share Your Project Requirements: Begin by providing us with your project requirements and any relevant documentation, such as SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) or access to your website.

    2. Internal Training: Our team completes internal training based on the provided project requirements and documentation to ensure they are well-prepared to handle your specific needs.

    3. Zoom Meeting: A Zoom meeting is scheduled to review all the standards and training materials with you. This allows us to align our processes and expectations to ensure a smooth transition.

    4. Go Live: Once the training and alignment are complete, we go live on answering calls, promptly addressing customer inquiries and providing support as needed.

    With our streamlined onboarding process, we aim to ensure a seamless and successful transition for both parties involved.

    Service Features:

    Lead Conversion

    We specialize in handling inbound sales calls, persuading customers to sign up for our services. Additionally, we engage in outbound calls for warm leads, although we refrain from cold calling practices.

    Easy Scalability

    It is challenging to manage all the calls during your peak as well as regular working days. We increase your overall scalability with a highly-skilled team that can handle a high volume of your business without any hassle. 

    24/7 Phone Support

    Being available round the clock adds a significant amount of value to your business. We serve your customers 24/7 with our efficient phone answering service. So, make sure your clients have complete access to support with our efficient phone support operations.

    Scope of Support

    We assist businesses with a wide range of support concerns, including general inquiries, facilitating sign-ups and order placements over the phone, resolving shipment and product-related queries, as well as addressing technical issues.

    Sales Support

    Our team oversees a plethora of sales operations and provides customers with solutions. You will have successful campaigns with all-inclusive support from our team. As a result, we boost your sales and revenue while focusing on the main elements of your organization.

    Affordable Phone Service

    We bring the best answering service for small and medium-sized businesses within their budget. Our cost-effective pricing plans ensure premium quality while delivering everything per your business requirements. We are consistent with success and act as a frontrunner for your company.

    What Our Clients Say

    Why You Need Phone Answering Services

    Professional outsourced phone support presents your business positively, improves your brand image in the market, satisfies your customer, and increases your sales. Our high-quality answering service provides personal connection, ensuring your business growth.

    Instant Solutions

    Our phone agents are well-equipped with your business’ know-how and deal with your clients accordingly, giving thorough and fast solutions.

    Experienced Workforce

    Our phone support outsourcing solution is handled by highly-trained staff that is committed to providing you with the best results.

    High Accuracy

    We respond to all our calls in less than three rings. In case of any missed call, we instantly contact back and cater to customers’ queries.

    Flexible Time Zones

    You do not need to worry about the time as we are available 24/7. Our time zones are set flexibly according to yours.


    Read Our Client’s Stories

    Having an excellent staff to accompany the tasks is one of our strengths. You may read our case studies given below to learn about how we address our client’s challenges and provide efficient outcomes. Outsourcing phone support services with trained professionals assist you effectively handle high call volumes with a specific approach for laudable customer satisfaction. 

    Our phone support call center understands the challenges of the market and provides commendable results for your clients. Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLC is confident in offering guaranteed, risk-free consultations to find a phone support service personalized to your business needs.

    We always believe that offering extraordinary services to experienced third parties increases customer satisfaction and sales growth. It is the thing we mainly focus on at DOS. We provide phone answering services to all our customers by boosting their business growth dynamically.

    Grow Your Business With Us

    You can take your business to the next level with our reliable customer support services. We always keep your data secure and safe. All your phone calls are handled thoroughly and promptly, so the customer stays satisfied all the time. Our phone agents are highly-trained and adapt your company’s rules and responsibilities in a fast manner, giving your organization a boost in no time.

    We have various pricing plans for all types of businesses. You can also ask for a customized one that sits well according to your business requirements. It is time to ensure that you do not miss any calls or give poor answers to consumers. So, get in touch with us today and experience unparalleled phone support services at economical rates.