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Our comprehensive Short-Term Rental (STR) Management service empowers property owners and managers to effortlessly expand their Airbnb Management business, hassle-free

Feeling overwhelmed with the demands of your burgeoning Airbnb venture? Or perhaps you’re eager to dive into the world of Airbnb hosting, but hesitant about risking your steady long-term rental income?

Opt for DOSbnb, your all-in-one solution provided by Digitech Outsourcing Solution, LLC, a trusted partner in short-term rental management. DOSbnb specializes in offering comprehensive management services for vacation rental properties, ensuring that your homes are impeccably maintained, strategically marketed, and consistently occupied.

Our round-the-clock team of seasoned professionals is committed to optimizing your property’s performance and delivering exceptional service to both property owners and guests. We grasp the unique complexities of short-term rental management and possess the expertise to guide you towards success.

Who Can Benefit From This Service:

DOSbnb caters to Vacation Rental Management Companies, Property Managers, and Homeowners with listings on Airbnb, VRBO, or other Short-Term Rental platforms, as well as those contemplating entry into the Airbnb arena. We handle various aspects of Short-Term Management, though we do not serve as property managers and require minimal owner involvement or designated ‘boots on the ground’.

DOSbnb offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to optimize your short-term rental venture. From ROI analysis and listing optimization to day-to-day operations management and financial tasks, we handle everything. Our team ensures seamless guest communication, coordinates with cleaners and maintenance vendors, and manages Airbnb liaison for dispute resolution and reviews. Additionally, we assist with financial management, tax compliance, direct booking website development, and marketing support.

Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with you, seamlessly integrating into your operations to ensure your triumph in the short-term rental market. With DOSbnb, you can trust us to handle every aspect of your short-term rental business, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences and maximizing your profits.

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    What’s in it for you with DOSbnb?


    DOSbnb pledges the following business and lifestyle transformations:

    • Earn more through Increased ADR and Low Operating Costs.
    • Sustain and grow your income passively.
    • Spend more time in the real world than on your screen.
    • Enjoy more time with your family and friends.
    • Be proactive rather than reactive in your approach.
    • Benefit from tested, cutting-edge software & technology.

    DOSbnb offers a comprehensive solution for short-term rental hosts, leveraging its team’s extensive expertise in the market to address specific challenges. Through tailored services, DOSbnb ensures that individual needs and goals are met effectively. With a commitment to superior customer service, the platform provides 24/7 support, promptly addressing inquiries and concerns from owners and guests alike. By managing marketing and bookings comprehensively, DOSbnb aims to optimize property occupancy and revenue, allowing hosts to maximize their returns with minimal hassle.

    Service Features:

    ROI-driven Analysis

    DOSbnb provides a thorough, fact-based analysis of both the area and individual properties you’re considering for investment or arbitrage. This analytical approach empowers informed decision-making by assessing potential profit margins and identifying associated risks

    Enhancing Listing Visibility

    We specialize in crafting professional and visually appealing property listings by optimizing content, keywords, and photos. Our tailored approach sets your listing apart from competitors, increasing visibility and attracting more bookings.

    PMS Integration Made Seamless

    We streamline the integration of your OTA listings with Hostaway, requiring minimal effort on your part for a seamless experience. This includes syncing calendars, creating automation, connecting smart locks, and many other features to enhance efficiency and convenience.

    Revenue, Occupancy and Dynamic Pricing

    We assist in setting competitive prices to attract bookings while maximizing your revenue. Our price optimization and management services guarantee that your property consistently achieves its highest earning potential.

    24/7/365 Guest Support

    We offer round-the-clock guest support, alleviating the need for you to handle inquiries or resolve issues. From answering questions to managing claims and disputes, we handle all aspects of guest communication through the app and calls, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests.

    Cleaning and Maintenance Management

    We partner with your selected cleaning vendor or individuals and leverage Turno to streamline scheduling, checklists, and inventory checks. Our automated task assignment removes manual processes, while property photos and issues are efficiently reported through the system for prompt resolution.

    Supplies and Inventory Management

    We streamline your property’s inventory management by ensuring cleaning teams adhere to checklists and provide reports on available items. Plus, we efficiently restock supplies & broken items through Amazon or other preferred vendors as needed.

    Bookkeeping and Vendor Payments

    We oversee the entire accounting cycle for your Airbnb business, meticulously tracking every transaction and categorizing them accurately in Quickbooks. Our services cover all Airbnb business models, delivering precise owner statements and Profit & Loss reports.

    Direct Bookings and Website Marketing

    We assist in creating a website that showcases your properties and offers guests all the necessary information for booking their stay. Our digital marketing services guarantee your website and listings reach the appropriate audience, driving more bookings to your properties.

    What Our Clients Say

    Why choose us

    With Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLC as your short-term rental management partner, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of owning a vacation rental property without the stress and hassle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

    Hassle-Free Management

    You can focus on your life while we take care of all the time-consuming tasks associated with short-term rental management, such as cleaning, maintenance, and inventory management.

    Expert STR Consultation

    With years of industry expertise and overseeing numerous listings, our CEO Mr. Moonis offers a complimentary consultation during onboarding to enhance your existing systems and implement better processes.

    Exceptional Guest Experience

    With 24/7 guest support and professional photography and interior design services, we will help you create a truly exceptional guest experience that will keep guests coming back.

    Increased Visibility

    Our marketing and website development skills will help you increase the visibility of your property and attract more guests, leading to more bookings and higher profits.

    Efficient Bookkeeping

    We will keep accurate financial records and generate reports so that you can understand your performance and make informed decisions about your property.

    Data-Driven Approach

    Our data and analytics services will help you track key metrics and make data-driven decisions about how to improve your performance and grow your business.


    Our Success Stories

    Choosing the right vacation rental property management service provider is crucial to the success of your property. Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLC plays a vital role in maximizing the performance of your short-term rental. Our team stays up to date with the latest industry trends and provides stability to ensure your success.

    Managing a vacation rental property involves a lot of tasks, including maintenance, marketing, booking, and customer service. Our dedicated team takes care of all these aspects with a personal touch, ensuring that both owners and guests are satisfied with the service. Our human-led approach, rather than relying on automated systems, results in a better long-term relationship with guests and increased sales.

    Digitech Outsourcing Solution LLC offers comprehensive vacation rental property management services to businesses of all sizes and industries globally. With over a decade of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we help SMEs reach their full potential in the short-term rental market.

    Read our case studies on vacation rental property management to see the proof of our excellence and quality.

    Streamline Your Short-Term Rental Management with DOSbnb

    Don’t wait any longer to simplify your short-term rental management process! Reach out to us today and see how we can help you maximize your earnings, provide exceptional guest experiences, and grow your business. With our comprehensive solutions and data-driven approach, you can be confident that you’re making the best decisions for your property and your guests. So why wait? Contact us now to schedule a consultation and see what sets us apart from the rest!