Northshore Labs – Instant Results for COVID-19

Northshore Labs – Instant Results for COVID-19

Northshore Labs

The Northshore Labs is known for providing clients with budget-friendly PCR test results of COVID-19. However, the company experienced problems attending to so many calls and responding to every email. As a result, DOS provided 24/7 call and email support services to smoothen the success of Northshore Labs. 

About the Client

Many people suffer from COVID-19 to date. Northshore Labs makes sure people get their PCR results on time. Moreover, their accurate and high-class results make a difference in the market. It ensures its strong position by dealing satisfactorily. 

The company provides its customers with complimentary supplies. Moreover, they accept all types of health insurance. Also, it delivers timely results at affordable costs, which makes them unique. 

Business Challenges

As the pandemic arrived, a lot of people got themselves tested. Unfortunately, it was challenging for Northshore Labs to keep every patients’ data. Moreover, they experience severe difficulties attending patient calls asking for their test results.

In addition, they could not respond to many emails. They understood the importance of customer satisfaction. Hence, they looked for someone professional to assist them with their customer-related operations. They contacted DOS for its remarkable customer support services. 

The Solutions

As soon as our client contacted us, we placed a customer support personnel of apt members in place. Our expert team helped Northshore Labs deal with customers. By providing round-the-clock call and email support, we paved the way to success. 

Our responsibilities included:

  1. Offering efficient data entry services 
  2. Managing customers calls 24/7 proficiently
  3. Keeping patients’ information safe and secure
  4. Sending antigen reports to patients

DOS is known for providing services to its customers at affordable rates. Our 24/7 assistance to Northshore Labs made them retain their customers and increased their brand value. So if you are looking for ways to succeed, choose us.  

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