Unified Signals – Reach Every Corner

Unified Signals – Reach Every Corner

Unified Signals

Unified Signals aims to provide its customers with exceptional cellular services. It is one of the top-notch eCommerce and MVNO solution providers that bring streamlined signals to everyone. However, such large organizations experience problems in dealing with their customers. So, by offering efficient customer care and tech support, DOS handled Unified Signals’ issues seamlessly.

About the Client

The US-based company – Unified Signal – is a mobile virtual network operator. It has gained customers over 2 million over the last 19 years by providing extraordinary telecom and internet services around the globe.

Moreover, it allows companies to resell communications efficiently. Also, it enables them to repurchase financial services and other value-added services efficiently at minimum rates. Finally, it assists them in enhancing their revenue. It reduces churn with its remarkable cellular services.

Business Challenges

Being a fast-growing company, Unified Signals faced difficulties in handling its clients. However, the company was at the risk of losing its integrity by not being able to deal with customers and manage their queries efficiently.

In need of 24/7 customer support, it contacted DOS to get the customer-related tasks done effectively. Moreover, the firm was looking for someone to fix technical problems and generate customer tickets. So, DOS resolved its issues with great care.


DOS provided Unified Signals with not only customer support but also efficient technical support. In addition, our dynamic consumer team members dealt with these difficulties by delivering 24/7 call and chat support.

Our responsibilities included:

  1. Providing call support round-the-clock
  2. Responding to clients’ concerns through 24/7 chat support
  3. Resolving technical problems remarkably
  4. Managing ticket portal of customers thoroughly

We take our customers’ success as our own. The expert workforce of DOS gathers entire data about the clients’ requirements. Thus, it thrives in delivering the client a hassle-free experience.

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