Dexter: A Crystal Clear Cleaning Experience  

Dexter: A Crystal Clear Cleaning Experience  

Dexter: A Crystal Clear Cleaning Experience

Dexter has made cleaning a little less annoying and a little more interesting. Big companies often face problems handling customer-related tasks such as responding to a high volume of chats, calls, and emails. Dexter was one of them. So, they teamed up with DOS to handle their customer support with high aptitude.

About the Client

Dexter is a cleaning company trying to improve your everyday life through smart innovations. They know that many people find cleaning boring and annoying. So to fasten the process, Dexter has introduced different cleaning agents that kill 99.2% of germs. So they help you say goodbye to germs with their great detergents.

This unique business has expanded and touched new skies of success in the US. It ensures to make people’s lives easier. By providing high-quality products at affordable rates, it certifies consumers’ satisfaction. However, all big names often face a few issues.

The Challenges 

This fast-growing company was new to the market and was striving for customer service. Responding to emails was their main concern. To address its consumers’ queries thoroughly, it needed 24/7 email support. As a result, they had a bulk of emails filling up their account daily.

So, the ticket portal of our client was piling up with many concerns and required proper management. In addition, running the ticket portal was also taxing for them as they could not focus on other core operations. Therefore, they hired DOS to run their operations proficiently.


As soon as our client reached out to us, we set up an email support services team of experts. Our skilled reps gathered all the data from their team and ensured all their demands were fully met. Our main responsibilities include:

  1. Responding to emails thoroughly round the clock
  2. Replying to emails in a prompt way
  3. Extensively handling queries in the ticket portal
  4. Managing customer’s interests effectively

We interact with our clients and ensure to provide them with precisely what they need. We dive deep into your issues and come up with a fix that opens the gates to success and comfort for you. Expert team members at DOS assure you success by delivering personalized support services.

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