Time Camp

Time Camp


The state-of-the-art company TimeCamp assures your business success. Its free time tracker saves you from the tiring labor of checking the workers’ performance. So, TimeCamp had a high volume of customers and DOS helped them by offering dynamic chat and tech support.

About the Client

TimeCamp has turned performance checking of a company into a piece of cake. It offers free time tracking software to unlimited users that help your team optimize its workflow. So, the exceptional tool ends your manual reporting without any charges.

Moreover, it automatically processes the additional data and keeps it in one place. With this remarkable tracker, TimeCamp assists your team members in self-managing their work. Its ability to monitor and track your team’s work hours and performance affects your company’s bottom line. Thus, it increases the productivity of your business.

Business Challenges 

The dedicated company needed someone to handle its customer-related tasks round the clock. It did not want any customer to drift away. In addition, they were looking for an expert to help their customers with technical assistance and ticket generation.

Moreover, the company did not want to compromise on the quality of services. Therefore, it collaborated with DOS to get its tasks done effectively in time.

The Solution 

Our professional team members readily gathered all the information from the client. So, we assessed the data and organized a huge team of efficient workers to help TimeCamp with 24/7 chat support and ticket generation services.

Our responsibilities included:

  1. Delivering 24/7 chat support for time-tracking software
  2. Providing the client with dynamic technical assistance
  3. Assisting the client with ticket generation effectively
  4. Thoroughly managing every query

Ensuring customer satisfaction is DOS’ main objective. We never compromise on the quality of our work. So, we help you ace the market effortlessly with effective strategies and advanced technology.

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