3R Technology: The eRecycling Pioneer

3R Technology: The eRecycling Pioneer

3R Technology

3R Technology has a mission to streamline ITAD e-waste recycling. They provide logistics experience with industry leadership and customer service excellence. However, they were struggling with many chats from clients going unanswered. So the partnership with DOS helped them handle chats instantly and satisfy their clients.

About the Client

Technology is a leader in its disposition and E-waste recycling in the pacific northwest. It is a NAID-AAA-certified organization that constantly improves operations and capabilities.

Their expert logistics team customizes ERP and refurbishment systems by innovative remarketing and customer service programs. Moreover, they are certified, safe, secured, and the best value management for you.

Business Challenges

3R Technology needed support for their customer’s inquiries 24/7. They were struggling with a high volume of chat, which remained unanswered. As a result, they were losing many customers daily. It was a need of the hour for them to have an organization that handles their tasks efficiently. In addition, they were looking for an economical service provider organization.


DOS provided them with a 24/7 chat support solution to answer all the customer’s inquiries on time. As a result, they received great feedback about the company’s services. So, we ensured what they needed with the best customer support services.

Our Responsibilities Included

  • All chat answered instantly
  • Provide an accurate answer
  • Stay in touch with the client
  • Resolve all queries

Our services also resulted in an increased customer base for their e-recycling operations. Furthermore, we provided services at a budget-friendly price. DOS always provides their clients with what they need instantly.

Our agents communicate with every customer to ensure that no issues remain unanswered. So, it is time to make your business easier and at the best level by using our services 24/7.

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