Chat Support 101: Necessary Practices and Benefits For SMEs

Chat Support 101: Necessary Practices and Benefits For SMEs

This age demands businesses to understand customers. No one has enough time to spend on a site or wait for their queries or concerns. Finding no option for chat support can be nail-biting for your customers, which will affect your business severely.

Providing your customers as well as web visitors with a live chat option lays the foundation of an unreal experience. Website visitors can interact with your company with just a single click without affecting their current action. The convenience live chat brings overshadows other communication channels.

So if you want to make the most out of your chat system, read this guide that sheds light on the benefits as well as practices you need to implement. Let’s take a look at how SMEs can expand their business with the help of chat services.

Chat Support

Live Chat Support Services: What Is It? 

Whenever you visit an eCommerce website, you will either find a chatbox in the below right corner or a popup that will inquire if you need help. Clicking this box will connect you with an agent that will take care of your queries or concerns in real-time. Businesses integrate chat software which ensures the conversation between an agent and customer. This is known as live chat. Outsourcing your chat tasks to a third party or freelancing agents saves you money and comes under the chat support term.

Top 5 Benefits of Chat Support Services: 

Improving your customer experience is the real definition of business success. Customers demand immediate attention, and lacking speed will push them elsewhere only. Live chat is your best friend in retaining customers and generating leads without any hiccup. So, let’s take a look at its main advantages to help your business grow. 

  1. Personalize the Customer Experience
  2. Increase Brand Loyalty
  3. Make Your Site Accessible
  4. Need for Speed
  5. No More Hold Times

1. Personalize the Customer Experience: 

Customers feel important when they receive a tailored experience with a brand. The main perk of live chat is that you can personalize your communications to connect with users most understandably and satisfyingly. For instance, you might be catering to an individual or a company with hundreds of employees. You can’t use the same strategy on both as both are entirely different in nature and demand individualized solutions. So outsourcing chat agents have experience in customer interactions and can turn your visitors into potential leads.

2. Increase Brand Loyalty: 

You can’t deny the benefits of live chat when it comes to increasing brand loyalty. More than 70% of people think that their customer experience is what defines their loyalty to a brand. Companies are integrated with multiple communication channels, such as phone, live chat, email, and others. A survey showed that about 74% of people expressed satisfaction with live chat support, whereas the numbers are 62% and 43% with email and phone, respectively. Live chat wins the race because of its speed and flexibility, curating a complete CX.

3. Make Your Site Accessible: 

There is no scale to measure the intolerance level of a consumer. Not finding the specific product on your website easily or navigating a lot can frustrate users. Those who desire unparalleled CX should invest in chat support. Your agents should be available at all times to cater to customers’ needs. It is the simplest way your customers can connect with you and receive a quick solution. So make your website more accessible with live chat agents.

4. Need for Speed: 

About 89% of people believe that fast response plays a huge factor. Not only that, but about 63% of users accept receiving a comprehensive response in under 10 minutes fast. Live chat brings the fastest way for consumers to receive answers to their concerns. You can have a real-time conversation with an agent and seek issue resolution immediately. So powering up your customer care with speed is the best thing you can do for your brand.

5. No More Hold Times: 

This generation does not like to call customer service. Late Millennials and Zoomers (Gen Z) are more inclined toward chat support interaction. The new generation is more likely to be in a hurry and does not regard waiting on hold. Studies have shown that more than 60% of people will not wait for an agent for more than a minute. With online support, you can receive an immediate answer, and it also eases the tension or hesitation of talking to a person. So, it comes as a blessing in disguise for introverts. One of your goals is to cater to all types of customers, and there is no better way than live chat.

Chat Support Practices SMEs Must Follow: 

You might know all the benefits of chat services, but your customer support will not take off until practiced perfectly. There is nothing to sweat over. We bring a handful of practices to help you optimize your customer care in the best way possible. So, take a look at the practices you need to bear in mind: 

  • Be Human: Chatbots do not provide the touchpoint a customer expects from a brand. It might be helpful for basic queries but can’t match the touch a live agent offers. Chat reps must show their name, use a conversational and friendly tone, seek clarifying answers to resolve the issue, be honest with customers, and schedule a follow-up. These things give a sense of realism to consumers. In addition, many live chat service providers offer you trained specialists to handle chats concurrently.
  • Follow Guidelines: You are not born trained but need to learn the expertise required in communication and management. Either you can train your workforce or outsource your chat support to find a productive team. Always greet customers, show empathy for their concerns, probe for details, build boundaries, and set expectations. In addition, share helpful insights, offer alternatives, and end the chat on a good note.
  • Chat Simple: Your customer understanding what you are saying is crucial to the whole purpose of a conversation. You are typing than speaking and must keep the chat simplified. So use easy-to-understand language. Do not include complexity in any form, which is important when talking to someone whose primary language is other than English. 
  • Act Professional: You are not only crafting a reliable CX but also increasing your team’s efficiency. As many people prefer live chat over other channels, staying professional and handling every user effectively is essential. So use the Grammarly plugin to check grammar and correct any typos. Store multiple responses to repeated questions as it excludes the hassle of typing and thinking. Learn shortcut keys to minimize time. Using a chatbot at the right time will make it easy for you. 
  • End Nicely: In no reality shall you end the chat abruptly and incompletely. Your chat is an opportunity to build your business with a growing consumer base. This is the worst practice to ghost your website visitor without any solution. Even if you think you have helped them, ask if they are satisfied or need help with something else. In the end, thank them and share a survey to improve your customer interactions.

Empower Your Business with Our Chat Support: 

You might know everything there is to learn about chat support services, but implementing it all in reality is different from what you know. Not everyone is a master in customer care, but guess who is? Right, we are! Digitech Outsourcing Solution (DOS) has the best chat support solutions to streamline your business operations. Our 24/7 live agents can connect with international consumers with multilingual support. 

We bring a free trial option that helps you get a better idea about our services. It lasts a few days to help you graspSo sit down with our experts and personalize a plan that fits your business vision perfectly. Together, we can build a strong customer base that will bring nothing but ultimate success for your brand. 

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