Canadian General Contractors

Canadian General Contractors

Canadian General Contractors

Canadian General Contractors have been successful in turning your dream homes into reality. However, it becomes difficult for such big companies to handle a high volume of chats, calls, and other customer-related tasks. This is where DOS came and made their everyday operations seamless. 

About the Client:

Canadian General Contractors is a Canada-based company working to build and renovate houses with unmatched quality and sophistication. They have reshaped Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland with their aesthetic designing skills.

Our team has delivered outstanding results in commercial and residential projects. Aiming to meet the customers’ needs efficiently, they transform their homes into beautiful art pieces. 

Business Challenges:

The customer experienced difficulties in replying to numerous chats, organizing back-office processes, handling web traffic, and several other tasks. To grow progressively, they needed someone to provide them with remarkable virtual assistant services. They contacted DOS for the solution to their problem.


The moment our client contacted us and informed us of the challenge they were facing, we instantly put in position a workforce of virtual assistants to help them with their problem.

Our efficient VA team members solved the customer’s problem with great expertise.

Our responsibilities included:

  • Answering thoroughly through 24/7 available chat support
  • Generating effective leads for their website
  • Handling web traffic productively
  • Overseeing back-office processes 

We tend to our customer’s queries and difficulties with extensive care and responsibility. However, the client was satisfied with the results, and they decided to continue with our services to expand their business. 

DOS successfully handled their customer-related operations and gave them an unforgettable experience. 

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