Nancy Home Stores

Nancy Home Stores

Nancy Home Stores

Nancy Home Stores is an organization making people happy with their unique home designs and artistic gardens. Their customer base increased because of boosted customer satisfaction. DOS ensured its clients’ success by delivering efficient order processing and remarkable live virtual assistance services. 

About the Client

Nancy Home Stores is a US-based company known for its intricate home designs. Moreover, its aesthetic garden furnishing makes it stand out in the market. The company aims to bring state-of0-the-art products to its client’s service. 

Moreover, Nancy Home Stores assures dynamic customer support. It delivers the products from suppliers to its clients on time. Finally, it ensures customer satisfaction by making them happy. 

Business Challenges

As the business grew, our client faced problems with order processing. It affected their delivery timing and hence customer retention rates. In addition, it had difficulty updating its services on different digital platforms. 

They were in search of some professional virtual assistant who could handle their administrative tasks efficiently. Also, virtual assistance in the Swedish language was one of their demands. That is why they contacted DOS to assist them in their problems. 

The Solutions

Our objective is to satisfy our clients and provide them with up-to-the-mark services. DOS takes its clients’ problems very seriously. Thus, we leave no stone unturned to help our customers resolve the issues. 

Our responsibilities included:

  1. Processing our client’s orders in an efficient manner
  2. 24/7 live virtual assistance
  3. Updating order progress on Amazon, Shopify, and Songmics
  4. Incredible virtual services in the Swedish language 

DOS did not only take care of their order processing in an extraordinary way but also provided its client with Swedish virtual assistance. The customer was happy with the services. We helped our clients in expanding their business remarkably. 

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Nancy Home Stores

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