Case Study: Blake’s Success as an Airbnb Superhost in Florida with DOSbnb

Case Study: Blake’s Success as an Airbnb Superhost in Florida with DOSbnb

Blake Jax Beach

Business Background:

Blake, a Florida-Based Airbnb Superhost

Blake brings his expertise from the real estate and construction sectors to his management of two business ventures in Jacksonville and Beach, FL, alongside his partner, Chris. Recognizing the potential of Airbnb in 2017-18, Blake seized the opportunity to maximize rental income for their long-term properties. Establishing a Short-Term Rental Management Company, Blake swiftly attained Superhost status.

Challenges Faced:

As Blake expanded their STR portfolio to include single homes, duplexes, and condos, the workload became overwhelming. Juggling management responsibilities for multiple properties alongside two other businesses, Blake found himself stretched thin. Despite hiring a local property manager in Jacksonville, the demands of short-term rentals began to impact both business and personal well-being.

Blake’s challenges were twofold:

  • Limited availability to manage properties personally.
  • Dependency on a single property manager.

This led to delays in response times, cleanliness issues, and a lack of technological support, ultimately resulting in the loss of Superhost status.

Solution Provided:

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, we introduced our premium DOSbnb Solution to Blake. This involved managing their properties as a virtual co-host while maintaining a local presence through “boots on the ground.”

Our services included:

Revenue Management

  • Optimizing listing content for improved visibility.
  • Expansion to alternative booking platforms such as VRBO and
  • Implementation of Pricelabs with Hostaway integration.
  • Development of pricing strategies to maximize revenue and occupancy.

24/7 Operations management

  • Round-the-clock guest communication and support.
  • Ensuring smooth check-in and stay experiences.
  • PMS automation.
  • Coordinating with cleaning services and resolving issues promptly.
  • Handling claims and disputes.


  • Configuration of QuickBooks Online and setup of Chart of Accounts.
  • Integration of Airbnb and PMS with QuickBooks for seamless financial tracking.
  • Timely generation of owner statements and financial reports.
  • Management of vendor payments.
  • Tax filing.

Results Achieved:

Through the integration of cutting-edge technology and meticulous management, we significantly enhanced the guest experience. By implementing digital door locks, automated messaging systems, and advanced cleaning management tools, we achieved a response time of less than 15 minutes round the clock. Availability was ensured through both the app and traditional phone channels.

Blake airbnb reviews

Blake airbnb reviews

Blake airbnb reviews


We’ve also successfully boosted the average views of Blake’s properties to a significantly higher number, ensuring their consistent placement on the first page of Airbnb search results, often securing top spots. This heightened visibility has directly contributed to a marked increase in revenue.


airbnb views

Blake Revenue Target Graph


Florida remains a vibrant market for the short-term rental industry, notwithstanding its challenges such as pest issues and guest behavior variability. Nonetheless, our efforts have yielded significant improvements in the monthly rental revenue of properties, transitioning from marginal profitability to consistent occupancy rates. We’ve also streamlined day-to-day operations and enhanced quality control measures for our cleaning team. Through diligent accounting practices, we’ve ensured proper allocation of funds and timely payments to homeowners.

If you’re seeking to optimize your short-term rental property, don’t hesitate to REACH OUT to us today and embark on the path to success!

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